June 2024
June 15, 2024

Sustainable Handmade Jewellery Now in trend

There are numerous reasons why handmade jewellery generates a real emotion that material jewellery cannot. From aesthetic quality to emotional importance, there are many reasons why handmade jewellery evokes a natural emotion that mass-produced jewellery cannot. Simply said, a jewellery collection that does not include handcrafted creations lacks the versatility and passion of one that does. Handcrafted jewellery is usually covered exclusively at special events, but it should not be restricted to such moments.
Handmade jewellery is really trendy these days. Instead of modernized accessories, individuals embrace ethnic motifs and patterns. When you dedicate time and effort to crafting something, especially for a worthy cause or concept, the result is more memorable and attractive. The younger generation’s fashion is reminiscent of the nineties. During the lockdown, Jayati, a young girl from the city, started making handmade jewellery with the help of her mother. Jayati said Ae Ri Sakhi is her brainchild, born out of sheer passion and an urge to enter the world of sustainability and slow fashion. Their brand specializes in making fashionable jewellery with help of scrap fabric which is collected from the workshop of a boutique where she used to work at.
Jayati’s words, I always had a knack for creativity and compassion towards the environment. Being aware of the fact that every kind of cloth is not biodegradable and can be damaging to the soil if dumped mindlessly and without segregation. Jayati felt like it was my responsibility to fix this problem. So she thought of making the best of wast
She added, my mother Hema Dave helps her with making these earrings and manages the inventory, supplies as well as finance. We not only put a lot of thought into designing our earrings but also make a very conscious choice while taking care of the packaging and make sure that it is eco-friendly and plastic-free as well as carries out a personal note and message. We launched it one and half months back on a social media platform and we have been receiving an overwhelming response and praises for our unique designs and thoughtful initiative from everyone
Earrings with a sustainable appearance:
The earrings that they make are completely handmade, extremely lightweight, sustainable and promotes zero waste. They are so versatile, chic and elegant at the same time. You can pair it with a plain kurta or a basic top and still make a statement look! They have ample of designs that can go well with ethnic look or Western wear.