May 2024
May 20, 2024

About Us

Vadodara or Baroda, is popularly known as Sanskari Nagri or the cultural hub of Gujarat. Founded by the visionary King Sir Sayajirao Gaekwad, the city has a long and rich history. Sayajirao himself was an unlettered man, but he had shaped the then city in a manner that people are still reaping the benefits of his vision today in many ways.

In this hallowed land, in the year 1998, on the fifth of July, another humble but futuristic step was taken in the field of Journalism and Mass Communication. A small group of committed people with a dream came together; a dream to start Vadodara’s first news channel. Of them, Nafis Khan was already a well-known name in photography. With an eye for the ordinary and capturing it in a manner that made it extraordinary, he dabbled in all kinds of behind the camera experiments. But at the centre of all his endeavors was a simple man who thought from his heart and went on to win several accolades and awards for his pictures. He worked both as a full-time photojournalist as well as a freelancer.

The aim of starting the news channel was to make local news available to the people of the city in Hindi through the visual medium. In the earlier days, it was telecast through the cable network. Today Nafis Khan is the Chairman and Managing Director of VNM TV.

Today the show is run in more ways than one by Gayatri Vyas, the CEO of VNM TV. With a background that panned the world of a photographer, photo editor, string reporter to news anchor and an RJ, she has come a long way too, having been trained under none other than her father late A.D Vyas, also an integral part of the VNM founding team. She has grown along with the channel taking it to newer heights along with the team.

From 5th July 1998 Started 23 years ago VNM has made its mark and a place in the hearts of the people and the extended family of viewers and well-wishers are fondly called the VNM Parivaar.

Just like rearing a huge family is not only challenging and difficult, similarly, VNM Parivaar continues to not only act as a watchdog for society bringing to the fore the latest news from in and around the city, state, nation & world in that order but, has also pioneered some extremely

  • Poignant & pertinent talk shows,
  • Highlighted sensitive issues and
  • Burning concerns of the local people.

It started out at a time when very few had the vision to do something innovative in the field of mass communication or the Fourth Estate as it is called.

From being the first to inform & ‘break’ news to the viewers, it is also the first to break many stereotypes, making it an inclusive platform: showcasing the work & lives of the city’s eminent personalities, grassroot workers & constantly finding unique ways to highlight the concerns of the common man.

VNM TV is today a name to reckon with, leading the way as one of the most authentic, honest & relevant voices in the city of Vadodara. The channel is also the first to have launched VNM Facebook live & VNM live on YouTube in Vadodara.